• Allergy Distress

    I have struggled with being allergic to dusty places for so many years. When that happens, I would sneeze uncontrollably while my eyes would tear non-stop… as though I was crying. After using NuvaLectranal, my nose began to feel normal again. Within 3 weeks, even my husband started noticing that I have not been sneezing in the mornings. What an amazing feeling!

    Nor Rsham Yaacob, Senior Executive, 41 Years, Shah Alam.
  • Allergy Troubles

    My nose and sinuses were frequently blocked due to my dust allergies. I couldn’t breathe, I could hardly sleep at night and worse were the headaches. I’ve tried many remedies but nothing worked. After using NuvaLectranal, I’m now able to sleep through the night, my nose is clear and the headaches are gone. I love just being able to breathe normally.

    Nur Syahmina Izham, 18 Years, Kota Bahru
  • Allergies Affecting Studies

    My 17-year-old’s allergies had caused her nose and sinuses to be terribly blocked which lead to headaches and many sleepless nights. We have tried many remedies but nothing had worked. After using NuvaLectranal, my girl is now able to sleep through the night, her nose is clear and the headaches are gone. She can finally concentrate on her exams. We are both over the moon!

    Norhayati Abdullah, Healthcare Executive, 42 Years, Kuala Lumpur

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