Herbal extract

  • Made up of specific fraction of molecules in Astragalus membranaceus root extract.
  • Manufactured under specific temperature, solvent and oxidation conditions.
  • Quality assessment performed on final product to confirm that active fraction is present.

Mineral carrier

  • Specially designed calcium ion carrier with specific particle size and charge.
  • This carrier helps preserve the herbal active molecules, enhance contact with gut and enable optimal absorption

How does it work in the body?


Allergic reactions of hypersensitivity type I results from a distorted immune response lending prevalence towards the Th2 pathway where Ig E production predominates leading to histamine release and typical allergy symptoms. For decades, antihistamines have been the mainstay treatment for allergies where it acts principally as a histamine-receptor inhibitor through competition with histamine for histamine receptors.

Lectranal® works differently.

By aiming specifically at the imbalance of the immune system that causes allergic symptoms Lectranal® helps regulate allergic reactions towards normal immune response. It has two major points of action where allergen is neutralised without the onset of allergy symptoms:

Th1 / Th2 regulation
Lectranal® favours Th1 cells both by recruiting them from naïve T-helper cells and by the enhanced multiplication of Th1. As a result, the creation of Ig G is enhanced which promotes antigen neutralisation.

Enhance B cells presence
Lectranal® enhances the selection of a specific clone of B-cells and the formation of memory B-cells which then transform into plasma cells (antibody factories) and produce IgG.